Cornflakes Raisin Cookie is the best!

Thanks for your bakes. Luv the Cornflakes Raisins. One of my favourites.
Your bakes are absolutely amazing. My kids and myself love the brownies, mini cupcakes and chocolate cookies.

Nutella Brownies

I whipped up the Nutella Brownie. Omg damn sinful. Total supporter of your brownies.

Brownies with vanilla ice cream

I super love your brownies! Love the dark chocolatey taste that’s not too sweet, also the fudge texture that’s just nice! Ate it with vanilla ice cream. Thought was perfect.
Brownies are rich and moist. Cookies very crispy 🙂

My kids love the brownies & cookies

My kids love your brownies and cookies very much and they finished the whole tin in one go.

Nutella Brownies!!

Thank you for the brownies! Both are tasty! My personal favourite is the Nutella Brownie as it has a chewier texture and the flavour is yummy. I find the sweetness level for both okay too.

Kids love the Cornflakes Raisin Cookies

Super duper nice!! My niece and daughter love it so much! Thank you! I waiting to reorder the Cornflakes Raisin Cookies again, cos finish it already.

Definitely try out more flavours

My whole family loves the cookies! Will definitely try out more flavours in the future! 🙂

Cookies are so so good!

I received both the Cornflakes Raisin Cookies and Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies. Both are so good, especially the Cornflakes Raisin ones. I already ate half the tin. Thank you!
I wallop the brownie and cookie alr.

Yummy Yummy

Just had a piece of double choc! Tasted well with my coffee! My husband got the Nutella Brownies, but he feels it is too over for him. We love the Cornflakes Raisin Cookies, so crunchy and tasty… yummy

Family love it!

My family and I tried the cookies and we love the crunchy texture of the Cornflakes, and it wasted really good with the raisins. We have also only tired the Nutella and Double Chocolate Brownies so far and both are so yummy. Love how chocolatey they are, but not overly sweet. Can’t wait to try the other flavours.

Dark Chocolate Mint & Double Chocolate Brownies

I’m having the brownies for my breakfast, and I’m loving it! Especially the mint ones, I feel I can taste Andes mint chocolate, which is my favvv. The Double Chocolate Brownie is really really good too!

Delicious Cookies

Just wanna let u know that the cookies were super delicious!!!

Finished up 1 box of brownies by myself

You bake the best brownies ever! I finished up one box by myself yesterday.

Cornflakes Raisin Cookies

We tried the Cornflakes Raisin Cookies. It’s sooooo nice and addictive. It’s the best I ever tasted.


The brownies are sooooo good!

Kids can’t stop asking for more

My son just asked me where I bought the cookies from. He said very nice. And my 4 year old also cannot stop eating. She kept asking for more.

Brownies & Cookies are great

I have tried your cookies and brownies. Soooo NICE!!! The brownie texture is rich and the sweetness just nice! The cookies so addictive!! My friend and I love it!


To be honest I have never tried a brownie as nice as yours. So yeah I really love it.

Love the brownie

The brownie is so rich and nice!!!

Cookies always SOLD OUT!

I just received mine! OMG!!! Now i know why you are always sold out!! SO YUMMY!

Didn’t disappoint at all!

Absolutely loving your bakes. It’s yummilicious! The cookies are very fresh, full of flavours and not too sweet. Was looking forward for days… didn’t disappoint at all! Thanks for the good bakes!

Cornflakes Raisins Cookies and Cornflakes Almond Cookies


your cornflakes cookies really AMZAING!

This is like the best i tried in my entire life!

Love Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies!

Hello! I really love the double choc sea salt cookies! Thank you

Brownies are so GOOD!

The brownies were so GOOD! One of the best brownies I’ve ever had! I bought for my youngest sis but in the end, me and my other sis love it too!!!

Hazelnut Cookies

Omg your hazelnut cookies are so amazing! Full of flavour and just the right size!

Nutella Brownies

Flowing of Nutella! The brownies are damn nice. Melt in my mouth.

Addictive Cornflakes Raisin Cookies

The Cornflakes Raisin Cookies is nice! Very crunchy.

Awesome Double Chocolate Brownies

Just reached home and tried the double choc brownie. One of the best brownies I have had in the past.. Absolutely amazing.. Loved it. Recommended to some of my friends in Singapore as well

Love the beautiful tin

Thank you once again for the lovely cookies in a beautiful tin. My kids luv it n they have finished 1 tin of cookies!
The cookies so nice. When it came, I immediately open up and try.

Lotus Biscoff Brownies

We already polished off the Lotus Biscoff one. My bro say nice and moist. I prefer brownies with nuts.

Whole family loves it!

The cookies are delicious. My whole family loves the chocolate cookies. Everybody say they will order next time when we want to send cookies as gift.
Taste so good. Will order again. Very nice cookies.

Nutella Strawberry Brownies

The brownie is so nice!

Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies, Cornflakes Almond Cookies and Brownies

Choc cookies are rich enough and the cornflakes one has enough almond in it. Brownies are very good too. Calories are definitely adding up this weekend! 🙂