I’m Sophie, the owner and baker of ilovefluffybakes. I started ilovefluffybakes in June 2011 after I graduated from University out of the love for baking. I did not even go for a grad trip as I wanted to attend short courses and experiment with more recipes before officially starting work.

Even though I did not study culinary arts, I had this dream of opening a bakery. However, I also had another dream of settling down, getting married and having kids before turning 30. As such, I gave up the idea of opening a bakery as it was not possible to achieve both dreams in a span of a few years. Thankfully, I managed to settle down and have my 2 kids before 30 years old.

After I had with my first baby, I stopped baking as I was too busy from looking after my baby. Then came my second baby and I was really exhausted. And soon, my dream of opening a bakery was kinda abandoned.

After 5 years, I thought I had given up my dream of being a baker. But Circuit Breaker came and overnight many bakers were born. I decided to jump onto the bandwagon to start baking again. And that was how I started again in June 2020.

Fun fact: Our best seller and customers’ favourite Cornflakes Raisin Cookies was actually based on a recipe that I created when I was 14 years old!