Hello! I’m Sophie, the owner and baker of ilovefluffybakes. I started ilovefluffybakes in June 2011 after I graduated from university out of the love for baking. I did not go for a grad trip as I wanted to attend short courses and experiment with more recipes before officially starting work.

It was my dream to open a bakery and after I entered the corporate world, I was still baking in the wee hours of the night to experiment with new recipes and fulfil orders. I had no interest in my first corporate job and I was only dreaming of opening a bakery. I came to know of a friend who was in the same situation as me and we immediately clicked! We had lengthy discussions on the types of products we wanted to sell, visited some units for rental and etc. It was so exciting and I thought that my dream of opening a bakery could finally come true!

However, one day, my friend’s dad told us that we should obtain some formal training before jumping on the bandwagon to open a bakery. We search for baking and pastry programs in Singapore and overseas and we found the overseas baking and pastry program to be the most appropriate. However, it was also the most expensive program! My hopes (of opening a bakery) came crashing down as it was way too expensive to study overseas. Moreover, I was still repaying my university loan as I had just graduated from university.

Besides having a dream of opening a bakery, I also aspired to settle down and have 2 kids before turning 30. As such, the idea of opening a bakery was shelved as I could not afford financially and also, I decided to go ahead to settle down. Thankfully, I managed to have 2 kids before 30 years old. At least I managed to achieve 1 out of 2 dreams!

After I had with my first child, I completely stopped baking. As a first time (and clueless) mum, I was overwhelmed and exhausted from looking after my baby. Then came my second child, and I was busy juggling my corporate job and looking after my kids. My dream of opening a bakery slowly faded away as I was busy with my new mummy duties.

As I was busy hustling with my second corporate job and mummy duties, I thought that it was impossible to open a bakery at this point in my life. The dream of opening a bakery was at the back of my mind but I never dare to dream of it again. Then in early 2020, there was Circuit Breaker in Singapore and everybody was ‘locked’ at home for 2 months. Overnight, there were many new homebakers and chefs!

It gave me courage to visit my dream once again. On 16 May 2020, the fateful day when I wanted to trial bake a tray of Dark Chocolate Mint Brownies, I fractured my right foot. It was utterly depressing! I thought I could finally start baking again and now I could not even walk! However, I took things in my stride and decided to read up, search for my old recipes and etc since I was immobile.

In June 2020, ilovefluffybakes was officially reopened again and I am glad to be on this baking journey once again! In a span of 4-5 months, I made a bold decision and took a leap of faith to leave my corporate job to pursue my dream and happiness!

I hope to have your support as I pursue my dream and I hope that I will be able to open a bakery in the near future!

Fun fact: Our best seller and customers’ favourite Cornflakes Raisin Cookies was actually based on a recipe that I created when I was 14 years old!