Cornflakes Raisin Cookies 23 Apr 2021


A super addictive and crunchy cookie filled with generous portions of raisins and cornflakes! A must-try as this is our customers’ favourite.


Warning! Once you start, you cannot stop!



The net weight of the cookies is approximately 155g to 180g.


Designs of Metal Tins

Various designs of metal tins are available (not limited to the designs shown in the photos) and design will be given at random. Choosing of designs will NOT be allowed.


Size of Metal Tin

Size of metal tin is approximately 13.5×6.8cm.


Date of Delivery/Self Collection

The date indicated on the item refers to the date of delivery/self collection. For example, Cornflakes Cookies 25 Jan 2021 means delivery/self collection shall be on 25 Jan 2021.

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