Cartoon Butter Cookies 18 Apr 2021


Assorted handmade cartoon butter cookies with a chocolate center. Perfect for gifting or for your own enjoyment!


16 pieces of cartoon butter cookies per box.
4 designs per box (yellow bear, pig, tiger and donkey); 3-5 pieces of each design. No exchanging of designs.


Size of Box
Size of plastic box is approximately 15.3×15.3×3.3cm.


Date of Delivery/Self Collection
The date indicated on the item refers to the date of delivery/self collection. For example, Cornflakes Cookies 25 Jan 2021 means delivery/self collection shall be on 25 Jan 2021.


Each cartoon butter cookie is handmade from scratch without any cookie cutters or moulds. As such, every cookie is unique and there may be some colour/shape/size differences as compared to those shown in the photos. Please purchase only if you are comfortable with the possible colour/shape/size differences.

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